I’m a software developer and experienced language teacher.

My core experience is in Python, concentrating on natural language processing, as well as backend development in Node. At the Recurse Center in NYC, a YC-backed programmer community, my projects include a topic model generator using latent Dirichlet allocation and keyword extraction, an in-browser game with physics simulation, and implementations of engineering algorithms.

I’ve been programming for most of my life. I graduated from Allegheny College where I studied Spanish, psychology, and Java.

I am using this blog to reinforce what I learn by documenting it here.

Writing about confusing concepts forces me to work through each step. It has proven the best tool I’ve found to identify the concepts that I don’t understand and might otherwise think that I do.

I also use this as a way to beat a path through some of the yak shaving, and leave a trail to follow the next time that same yak needs shaving.


Aside from coding, I love music, education, and natural languages! I play the piano, bass guitar, and speak Spanish.